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A Guide to Motorhome Insurance

If you own a motorhome then it’s very important to protect it with a good insurance policy. There are many insurance providers who offer motorhome insurance and finding quotes is now easier than ever thanks to the internet. Before you go about getting quotes it’s a good idea to read through this guide as it will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision including the types of cover you can get, ways you can save money and how to go about finding quotes.

Things to Consider

When you’re looking for motorhome insurance there are certain key things you should consider. Firstly is your budget. Motorhomes themselves are fairly expensive and can be quite costly to insure depending on the level of cover you take out. You should consider things like how valuable the vehicle is and how often you use it when deciding on what level of cover to get.

You should also research any insurance providers that you’re considering getting a policy with. Not all insurance providers are the same so it’s always wise to do your research to save headaches down the line. Forums are an excellent place to find out about insurance providers and have any questions answered in an unbiased way.

Cover Options

  • Third Party – This will allow you to drive your motorhome legally but doesn’t provide a great deal of protection for your vehicle.
  • Fire and Theft – As the name suggest – this cover option will cover your motorhome if it is stolen or damaged by fire.
  • Comprehensive – This is the ideal type of cover to get since it will cover your vehicle and third parties in the event of an accident, regardless of who’s liable.
  • Breakdown Assistance – This is a must-have for motorhome owners. If you don’t already have breakdown assistance in place then most insurance providers will be able to offer this as part of your policy.
  • European Cover – If you like to travel outside of the country in your motorhome then European cover is ideally suited.

The Benefits of Motorhome Insurance

There are several key benefits of getting motorhome insurance from an online insurance provider. These include –

  • Instant cover
  • Highly tailored policy
  • Expert advice
  • Easy claims process

Saving Money

  • Only Get The Level of Cover You Need – Whilst comprehensive cover will provide you with more peace of mind, you will have to pay out more for it. If you’re a careful driver and think the chance of a collision is minimal then getting third party cover can save you a good deal of money.
  • Make Your Motorhome Secure – Motorhomes are often targeted by thieves due to their high value so you should take every measure you can to keep it secure including fitting an alarm and steering wheel lock.
  • Join a Motoring Club – A lot of insurance providers will offer discounts to those who are members of motoring clubs so it’s always worth joining one.
  • Consider a Limited Mileage Policy – Often people who own motorhomes only use them for part of the year. In this case you can save a good deal of money by getting a limited mileage policy.
  • Pay Upfront – Whilst most people pay for their insurance on a monthly basis you do have the option to pay it all upfront. Insurance providers always prefer this and in almost every case offer you a very good discount when you do.
  • Get Multiple Quotes – This is a very important but often overlooked way of saving money. With so many insurance comparison services online there’s no excuse not to shop around and get as many quotes as possible. Doing this will ensure that you don’t pay too much for your insurance.